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Welcome to dSafe, a division of ClikOnce Limited.

ClikOnce Limited is the exclusive authorised ioSafe Distributor for New Zealand.

ioSafe Disaster Proof Data Storage Solutions

ioSafe is an American company who has developed a range of Disaster Proof (Fireproof, Waterproof and Crushproof) hard disk drives and storage solutions.

Such as the ioSafe Solo USB External Hard Disk Drive which is fireproof to 1550 F (843 C) for hour and waterproof to 10 feet for three full days (salt or fresh water).
Like an aircraft black box for your data, the rugged desktop ioSafe Solo external hard drive brings fire and water data protection to a price range that everyone can afford. With capacities from 500GB to 2TB (2000Gb), a bolt down security bracket built into the case and high speed USB 2.0 interface. The external hard drives simply plug into your PC or Mac and mounts as a Standard Drive.

How does it work:

The ioSafe Solo external hard drives use a patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fireproof insulation. In a fire your data is protected by the patented DataCast endothermic fire insulation technology. The DataCast formulation forms a chemical bond with water molecules that, at temperatures above 160F, releases water vapor to limit the internal temperature of the unit during a fire. Protecting the data from loss up to 1550F (843C) for 1/2 hour.

In a flood the patented HydroSafe water barrier technology protects your data loss from fresh or salt water, including full immersion.

During the fire/flood the case may be damaged, but your data is protected.

Each Drive comes with a three year warranty + 1 Year Data Recovery Service (DRS).
The data recovery service includes recovering your data onto a free replacement ioSafe drive.

The data recovery service covers your data for a one time use, no questions asked "any loss, any reason" (including Fire, Flood Damage, Accidental Damage, Human error, disk failure external enclosure failure, accidental deletion etc) and is backed up by up to $1000USD for forensic data recovery if required.

The Warranty/DRS can be upgraded to:-
3 year Warranty against defects + 3 year DRS
5 year Warranty against defects + 5 year, DRS

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MacOS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.) comes with Apple's Time Machine backup software built in.
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dSafe is a division of ClikOnce Limited, the authorised exclusive ioSafe distributor for New Zealand.
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 ioSafe Solo G3 - 2TB, USB 3.0 FIREPROOF WATERPROOF External Hard Disk: $720.00+GST
ioSafe Solo G3 - 2TB, USB 3.0 FIREPROOF WATERPROOF External Hard Disk: $720.00+GST
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