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Implementing a Backup Solution (overview).

The main rule of backup is you should always have at least two copies of any critical data/files.
The backup files should be stored on different media (Disk, CD/DVD, USB Drive, Tape, Cartridge, Network Drive etc).
If you archive a file and delete the original, the archived copy becomes the original and should be backed up if it is critical/important.

The first step to implementing a backup solution is to identify the risks, what data (files) are critical and a backup/recovery procedure.

The key risks for any electronic data include:

  • Accidental deletion - human error
  • Data Corruption
  • Hardware Failure
  • Loss from Fire, Flood or Natural Disaster
  • Loss from Theft
  • Damage / Corruption caused by a Malcious Code or a Virus

  • Identify Critical Data

    All of you electronic data probably fits into three categories:
  • Critical - can not be replaced if lost
  • Important - can be replaced/recreated, but would be costly or time consuming
  • Not Critical - can easily be replaced
  • If you are an individual - photos, personal movies, personal documents and email probably fit into the first or second category.
    If you are a business - data for your Accounting/Business Software, Payroll Software, Business Documents, Business Images etc fit into the first category.
    In fact if you run a business you may have a legal responsibility to backup these files. For an individual losing some or all of your email may be an inconvenience, but for some companies email communications may need to kept for legal reasons.

    Backup Frequency/Procedures

    Once you have identified which files are critical/important, you also need to determine how often data/files change.
    If you know how regularly the data changes you can work out how frequently it should be backed up.
    Finally you also need to know how the data can be backed up. Some files can simply be copied to another device like a External Hard Disk. Other types of data can only be backed up using the built in backup functions of the prgram the data belongs to or a specialized backup program/procedure.

    Backup Hardware/Devices

    The main risks to your data/files is from human error or data corruption, but if you use a laptop the risk from theft is also a higher risk.
    Backing up to an External Hard Disk is a good cost effective solution for home users and small businesses, but it doesn't cover you in the case of a disaster such as fire or flood.
    Offsite or remote backup solutions can provide an extra level of safety, but can be costly and introduce additional risks.
    Solutions like USB Keys (Memory Sticks) provide a cost effective removable backup solution, but have limited capacity and introduce security risks as they can be easily lost or stolen.

    ioSafe's Disaster Proof Hardware provides the ultimate solution to to todays backup and storage requirements.
    By combining onsite backup storage capacity and fireproof / floodproof and bolt down security you get the ultimate backup device.
    The ioSafe Solo USB is an External Hard Disk Drive which is fireproof to 1550 F for hour, waterproof to 10 feet for three full days (salt or fresh water).
    Like an aircraft black box for your data, the rugged desktop ioSafe Solo external hard drive brings fire and water data protection to a price range that everyone can afford.
    Click here to find out more about the ioSafe Solo USB - Disaster Proof USB External Hard Drive

    The ioSafe Solo SSD adds an extra level of protection. Designed to withstand building collapse, the ioSafe Solo SSD with ArmorPlate technology can protect data from 5000lb. crush forces, 1000g shocks and 20 foot drops into rubble.
    Click here to find out more about the ioSafe Solo SSD - Disaster Proof USB/eSATA External Hard Drive
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    ioSafe Solo G3 - 1TB, USB 3.0 FIREPROOF WATERPROOF External Hard Disk: $520.00+GST
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