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ioSafe Solo External Hard Drive, Fireproof Waterproof Rugged USB

ioSafe Solo ioSafe Solo
Fireproof to 1550 F for hour
Waterproof to 10 feet of fresh water or salt water for 3 full days
Rugged USB 2.0 Interface - Plug and Play for any PC, laptop or Mac computer
Capacities from 500GB to 2TB(2000Gb)
fireproof waterproof security usb
Like an aircraft black box for your data the rugged desktop ioSafe Solo external hard drive brings fire and water data protection to a price range that everyone can afford.
With capacities from 500GB to 2TB, the ioSafe Solo can safely backup precious digital family photo albums, MP3 music libraries and video memories from not only primary hard drive failure but from natural disasters as well.

For business, the ioSafe Solo hard drive is a great way to protect entire PCs or Macs, customer databases or to secure regulated information including patient records (HIPAA, Sox, etc) or credit card information (PCI regulated).
Businesses use the Solo hard drive as a backup and storage device, no longer worrying about data loss from moving computer tapes and files offsite.
Like other ioSafe products, the ioSafe Solo uses patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fireproof insulation.

Disaster & Security Specifications

  • Fire protection: 1550F, hr per ASTM E119
  • Flood / submersion protection: to 10 feet water depth, 3 days.
  • Tested per UL, FCC and CE Standards
  • Proven data protection and recovery. Tested to ASTM E119 standards for fire exposure.
  • Physical theft protection: Cable lock or floor Mount capable

  • Warranty/DRS

    Every ioSafe product comes with complimentary one time use data and hardware recovery support.
  • 1 Year Data Recovery Service Standard (3 and 5 year plans available)
  • 3 Year manufacturer's warranty for defects Standard (5 year available with purchase of 5 year DRS upgrade)

  • Click here to find out more about the ioSafe Disaster Recovery Service (DRS)

    Check out these videos of the ioSafe Solo being put to the test at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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     ioSafe Solo G3 - 2TB, USB 3.0 FIREPROOF WATERPROOF External Hard Disk: $720.00+GST
    ioSafe Solo G3 - 2TB, USB 3.0 FIREPROOF WATERPROOF External Hard Disk: $720.00+GST
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