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TechRadar - ioSafe Rugged Portable Review (5 out of 5 stars)

Disaster-proof external hard drive that's as solid as a rock ...
  • - Extremely rugged
  • - Exceptional build quality
  • - USB 3.0
  • - Choice of type and capacity
  • - Data recovery service
  • - Won't be for everyone
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New Zealand Herald - ioSafe Rugged Portable Review

"When the one-piece aluminium-cased ioSafe Rugged Portable 500MB drive came across my desk, complete with boast sheet of just what the device could handle ..." ... "The fact that the aluminium casing is basically impervious to anything short of armour-piercing bullets is only half of the attraction, the US$5000 that ioSafe puts on the line to recover your data is an impressive guarantee by any standards."
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GeekZone NZ - ioSafe Rugged Portable Review

"I tried something that could, well, possibly happen: running over the ioSafe Rugged Portable with a car, leaving the drive outside in the rain, dropping it in a bucket full of water ..."
"The case is beautiful. Seriously, even though it's something you won't be touching a lot, it feels really nice, solid. After my "car running over it test" the case came up a little scratched underneath, but seriously nothing more than cosmetic stuff"

  • - it's really tough
  • - it looks beautiful
  • - great warranty service
  • - available in New Zealand now
  • - All that rugged adds a bit of weight so plan to adding an extra 400g to your backup if you are taking the drive with you in your next adventure.
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New Zealand PCWorld

"The ioSafe Rugged Portable is a toughened, damage-resistant external USB 3.0 hard drive designed to keep your data intact under the most adverse conditions a hard drive is likely to encounter. ... "

"... In short, this is the most difficult-to-destroy gadget I’ve ever tested. If you need something that can protect your data from dust, dirt, sustained immersion, a 3m drop onto a regular floor, or 1.5m onto solid concrete, while still maintaining a great degree of portability, I’ve yet to see a comparable product."

Editors rating:
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New Zealand Consumer

"Our view ...
A standard external hard drive can easily be stolen or damaged and, in a flood or fire, you’re likely to lose everything. Backing up to “the cloud” over the internet is relatively slow and it can be even slower to get your information back following a mishap.
For protected local storage, the ioSafe Solo seems hard to beat ... or burn ... or drown.

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Test Freaks - score the ioSafe Solo 9.8 out of 10

The ioSafe Solo is a one of a kind product that functions exactly as advertised, it truly will protect your data from most any type of disaster. The unit is very well made, and it performs admirably well also ...
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Gear Diary - Firefighter puts ioSafe Solo to the test.

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Mac Life Review

With the flames licking, it keeps on ticking

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Everything USB - Extreme Testing

Everything USB, ioSafe Solo extreme testing with "well over 2 Gallons of napalm on this enclosure during its 30 minute roast and got flames easily 8 feet high."

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