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Richard Branson - If only he had invested in an ioSafe Fireproof Hard Drive!

Airline tycoon Richard Branson lost his autobiography and 15 years worth of handwritten notes when a fire ripped through his retreat in the British Virgin Islands in August 2011.

In an interview with Britain's The Sunday Times he said:-
"My office was in the house and I lost everything in it. I'd got a long way into writing my autobiography (which included losing my virginity) and it's lost. Fifteen years of handwritten notebooks went and photographs and so on."

"Running a business, we have a meticulous computer backup system so I'd assumed all that was completely safe. But it turns out the backup was also in the house."
"Everything filed on the computers there in the past few years is lost, both business-related and personal... But these are things. And as long as you have your family and friends around you they're not that important."

Read the full article here

If only he had invested in an iosafe ioSafe Fireproof/Waterproof Hard Drive.

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