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Apples Time Machine - built in backup Software on Mac OS X

Apple's MacOS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.) comes with Apple's Time machine backup software built in.
The time machine backup software will allow you to backup your Mac directly to your ioSafe External Hard Disk.

Setting up your ioSafe as a Time Machine Backup Disk

When you first plug in your ioSafe Ext. Hard Disk into your Mac, you will be prompted if you would like to use the drive as a Time Machine Backup drive.

Click the use as Backup Disk to start the setup process

Note: if your ioSafe Hard Drive hasn't been formatted to be used with Time Machine you will be prompted to erase the disk.

Warning: Erase will wipe all of the data on the drive!
If you already have data on the drive move/copy it to another device first, then copy it back after the drive has been erased.

Clicking erase, will automatically format the drive so that it is useable for Apple's Time Machine Software.

Your ioSafe Hard Disk will be renamed as "Time Machince Backups" and re-appear on the desktop.

You can rename your ioSafe Hard Disk if you want and click the "Select disk ..." button to to select the disk with the new name.

Once complete you will be prompted if you would like to use the drive for Time Machine Backups again.

Click "Use as Backup Disk"

You can configure and change the time machine options by cliking the "Options ..." button.

For more infomation on Time Machine watch this video on Apples Website.
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