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Windows 7 Backup Guide - Creating a System Repair Disk

If you haven't created a backup yet, we recommend you read our Windows 7 Backup Guide first.
Windows 7 also includes a utility to create a bootable CD which can repair your installation of Windows and even restore a complete image of your computer's Hard Drive from a backup image created using the built in backup utility.

To create a system repair disk

  • Open Backup and Restore by clicking the Start button,
  • Type: backup and restore
    (into the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu and press enter)
  • Click on the "Create a system repair disk" on the left hand side of the of the Backup and Restore window

  • Insert a blank CD or DVD (you must have a CD or DVD Burner to create a CD/DVD)
    Click Create disk

    It will take a few minutes for the CD to be created.

    When complete you will be prompted to label the disk.

    Label the disk and store it in a safe place.

    The System Repair Disk is a bootable CD which can be used to repair common windows problems.
    The CD can be also used to restore an entire image of your hard disk drive from a backup made using the built in Windows System image function (included with all versions of Windows 7)
    To use the System Repair Disk (CD), insert the CD into the computer before turning the computer on. The computer should boot (start-up) from the CD, from there you can select various options for repairing your computer.
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